#BuyBlackandMuslim during COVID-19

As salaamu alaykum!

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

In most US cities, non-essential businesses have been asked to close in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Although this is a necessary tactic for public health purposes, business closures have a negative impact on sales for small business owners.

Small businesses need our support, now more than ever. This is a time for us to come together and show support to the business owners and creatives in our community. Below are a list of black and Muslim artists, authors and entrepreneurs that we can support virtually.

Check them out – scroll through and #buyblack!



From L – R:

  1. Art by Zay – Zeina is a Philadelphia-based visual artist and live painter. You can check out her artwork and purchase here.
  2. Hakim’s Bookstore is the oldest black-owned bookstore on the east coast, and feature titles that cover all aspects of the black experience. Check out their website here.
  3. Tariq Toure is an author from Baltimore, Maryland. His writing features themes related to social justice, black Muslim narratives, arts and current events. He recently released his newest project, 2 Parts Oxygen, which you can order here.
  4. Hoda Yusuf is a UK-based author and wellness coach. Her book, Lifestyle Design, features questions and activities that inspire you to be your best self. Check it out here.
  5. Armand Unique is a creative designer, multi-disciplinary artist and teacher based in Philadelphia. You can check out her Etsy shop and buy artwork here.
  6. Kovered in Joy by Khadeejah features mugs, stickers, and bags designed to highlight the diversity of Muslim women. You can check out her products here.



From L – R:

  1. Natasha Somalia is a Philadelphia-based hairstylist and health coach. She has created a line of healthy hair-care products for women who cover their hair, and also has beard-care products for men. You can see her entire product line here.
  2. Eves Bees LLC is a healthy lifestyle brand that promotes holistic wellness and self-care through handcrafted skin and hair care products. Shop here.
  3. Samah Solutions has created a skin-care serum that is a mixture of Emu, Moringa and other natural cleansing oils and is designed to clear blemishes. Check it out here.
  4. Ruhi Beauty  features handcrafted, artisanal skincare and beauty products made with botanicals and clays, which provide enchanting colors, scents and benefits. Designed to suit those with troubled and sensitive skin. Shop here.
  5. The Jedoll Skincare 100% natural and organic skincare line founded in 2018. Features products designed for acne and eczema-prone skin. You can shop their products here.
  6. ChimmyQ Care all natural skincare for healthy, nourished and glowing skin! Check out the product line here.



From L – R:

  1. Somebody Gotta Do It (SDGI)  is a clothing line with a motivational message. Youssouph Ndiaye, the brand’s founder, encourages every person he meets to apply the brand message positively in any circumstances they may face. As they always say, “Somebody Gotta Do It,” why not you? Check out their Spring 2020 catalog here.
  2. Jumz Accessories is a contemporary handcrafted accessories brand with worldwide shipping. You can check out their spring collection here.
  3. An-Noor:31 is an abaya studio and lifestyle brand based in Philadelphia. Check out their classic abayas and shaylas here.
  4. Hijabi Pop is a women’s clothing store featuring modern, modest clothing with a POP! Asma Bibi, Hijabi Pop founder, was recently featured on Project Runway. Click here to shop.
  5. Paradox is a popular streetwear brand based out of Philadelphia, most known for their airbrushed hoodies and t-shirts. You can check out their website here.
  6. Hijab Glamour is a one stop shop for hijabs, clothing and accessories. Check them out here.
  7. Thvlvb is a culture, lifestyle and streetwear brand. Check out their line here.
  8. MJ Collections provides clothing and accessories for all women, but especially catering to those who see the value in modesty; MJ Collections returns the favor by showing that self-effacing dressing is beautiful, no matter your religion, race, or beliefs! Shop here.
  9. Glitz n Glam Boutique is an Islamic fashion boutique for all Muslim women created by sisters. They hope to excite and motivate Muslim women to embrace the hijab with confidence. Shop here.




  1. Claws for the Culture features press-on nails for our glam moments! Shop here.
  2. The mission of Soho Gloss  is to enhance your natural beauty and add the final touches to your makeup look! Soho glosses are made with vegan and cruelty free ingredients. Shop here.


COFFEE (& more)! 

  1. African Cultural Art Forum is a black-owned business inspired by African cultures and customs. While their physical location is closed due to COVID-19, you can shop their products online here.
  2. GZL Coffee  is a family-run coffee roasters based in west London. GZL began with the dream to provide high quality East African coffee from only the best ethically sourced beans. Shop here.

If you know any other Black + Muslim owned businesses, feel free to leave their information in the comments!

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