Abu Kwanza: Black Dane Verbally Assaulted on Public Transport In Racist Rant

A Black woman Cathrine boarded a train in Denmark , amidst a dispute between two passengers over the fact the female passenger wouldn’t get up from her seat to allow the male commuter to park his bicycle.

As this was making it difficult for passengers to board the train, Black Dane Cathrine politely interjected and asked the female passenger to get up as the space was mainly reserved for bikes. The woman responded by calling her a negro. 

Following a racist rant, the woman called the police to report Cathrine. What is remarkable is that the woman in question admitted to the police her use of the Danish n-word, however still reporting passenger Cathrine as the one being “aggressive”.

This incident is a reflection of Danish society’s indifference to racial slurs. The woman had no problem admitting her use of the Danish n-word as she was aware this usually goes unpunished and that there already is a bias towards black people being “aggressive” which would downplay her provocation. The incident occurred in Denmark on December 1st 2020.

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