Kawthar Alli is Black Muslim Forum volunteer, a qualified mental health advocate and counselling pscyhologist in training who has developed a project to be delivered by Black Muslim Forum over the course of this year – Alafia Project. Alafia Project is an online mental health advice and information project which will help the Black Muslim community develop literacy around mental wellbeing at the intersection of the racial and the spiritual. Our community needs information and signposting whether for themselves or loved ones that not only explores recourse to psychological understanding and support but also encapsulates the spiritual dimension of Islam and the unseen world. It is important for our communities to learn that mental health struggles are real and that not everything can or should be attributed to jinn or jinn possession.

We aim to provide resources to the community that assist in undoing ummah wide superstitions whilst presenting in equilibrium the manyfold realities that can lead to mental ill health whether racial, spiritual, socio economic or biological. 

We are the future and the light. We need our community to be mentally well. We need peace and healing and it is Black Muslim Forum’s hope that with Alafia project we can begin in a small way to impact the people who need it most. 

Alafia project is currently collecting responses in a survey to help tailor our services. If you are Black and Muslim please fill in the survey here and assist us in delivering this project.