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I'am the President and founder of Youth and Hope Inc, which is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization that helps Mauritanian children achieve their scholastic goals by providing them with  schools supplies and a transportation stipend, that pays for cab fares for student, which allows them to get to school. Through my work in this organization, I have been able to impacts the lives of about 700 Mauritanian children in school.
I'am also the President of the Mauritanian Network for Human Rights, another 501(3) nonprofit organization, which was founded in 2018, which aims to advocate and address all human rights matters for Mauritanians living both the US and in Mauritania, through her advocacy in this organization my team and I have assisted 25 Black Mauritanians to get out of immigration detention in the last two years and assist over 20 Mauritanians get over 80k in bail funds.
Through my advocacy in this organization I was able to find attorneys, sponsors, and translation services for Mauritanians both in detention and outside. I have participated in over 15 webinars in the last year, spoken to 6 Congressional offices, and interviewed with 15 News outlets to raise awareness about structural racism and slavery in Mauritania, in order to foster change through grassroots organizing and information sharing.
Furthermore, I work full at Franklin County-JFS as a social worker, where I assist young people between the ages of 14-24 to obtain employment and pursue career goals, with the aim to break the cycle of generational poverty. A passionate for social justice and civil rights, I'am is one the leading voices for the immigrant community in the US.
I hold a BA in Social Work and two master’s degrees in public administration and Human Services, with a graduate certificate in Human Resource Development and Psychology