Black Muslim Forum is issuing an ongoing call for research papers on the issue of anti-black racism in global and especially Muslim society. This is to:

1.) Prove the problem exists

Where the problem of anti-black racism is met with denial particularly in Muslims spaces, research helps to uncover the reality of this globally.

2.) To combat anti-black racism

Once the prevalence of the issue is made known, research can be used as a tool to fight the problem of anti-black racism through media, public speaking & journalism.

3.) Improve the Black condition

Ultimately pooling research on issues that affect Black people is with the sole aim of improving the Black condition & increasing Black dignity/ power.

Papers may cover:

  • The problem of anti-blackness in a specific historical era globally or in a region
  • The problem of anti-blackness in contemporary society (a specific region, state or globally)
  • Pragmatic solutions to implement at societal and or structural level

Research submitted must be between 3000-6000 words. We ask that you present a sufficient level of expertise / work experience related to the field you are researching or that you are at minimum in your final year of a relevant bachelors degree.

Please fill in the below form if you are interested in having your paper platformed by Black Muslim Forum.