1-1 Black Star Mentoring For Black Girls

Black Muslim Forum runs a mentoring programme funded by Islamic Relief- Black Star Mentoring- named in honour of Marcus Garvey's Black Star shipping line. Black Star mentoring aims to positively combat the barriers that Black Muslim girls face when trying to break glass ceilings during the process of accessing employment, work experience, training, placements, and personal/ professional work … Continue reading 1-1 Black Star Mentoring For Black Girls

New Campaign: #themalcolmcode

Background/ Incentive After conducting a 2020 study amongst 100 Black British Muslims on the reality of specifically anti-black racism in the British Muslim community, we found that 84% of participants did not feel welcome in their university’s ISOC due to the reality of anti-black racism and prejudice. Another statistic we found was that 63.41% of participants felt … Continue reading New Campaign: #themalcolmcode