Yan Taru Institute

Yan Taru Institute, based in London will begin operating in 2021. It was set up with the purpose of creating and educating future revolutionaries in order to raise black consciousness and help the condition of black people worldwide. Yan Taru in Hausa means ‘those who have come together’ or ‘the collective’ and was a system used by Princess Nana Asma’u of the Sokoto caliphate to disseminate widespread education to the women in the Kingdom.

The Black Studies course at Yan Taru Institute is designed primarily to increase the self-esteem of black people and educate the black diaspora on the history, politics and legacy of black thinkers and empires. This is in the hopes of creating revolutionary thinkers and leaders to improve the condition of black people worldwide.

All races are encouraged to complete this course and use the knowledge acquired to empower themselves and others as well as undo the shackles of Eurocentric thinking. The assessment is 100% coursework based and will be marked by a member of staff. Your grade will be emailed to you and you will receive and e-certificate to commemorate your achievement. To pass this course three modules must be completed, you are welcome to audit the remaining modules. If you would like to sit solely one module instead of the course, please state this when registering your interest.

Short Courses

The Social and Political thought of Malcolm X

This module will explore in chronological order the development of Malcolm X’s Social and political thought, from ‘Red’ to internationalist humanitarian.

Black Resistance movements in Contemporary History

This module will explore the contemporary history of Black social and political organisation and dissent in Africa and the diaspora.

African Political Thought

This module will explore African political thought pre and post the period of decolonisation. We will explore political thought from within the continent as well as its influence from the diaspora.

Financial literacy 101 (2021)

This is course designed to ameliorate financial literacy in the Black community.

Black self-confidence

This is a course exploring black self-esteem, confidence and self-love with the intent of creating a sense of dignity and self-assurance in the students.

The History of African Empires

This course will cover the history of African Muslim and African empires in chronology from the ancient to medieval period as well as the legacy of these empires today.

African Tribes and Cultures

The African tribes and cultures module will attempt to give the student a foundational understanding of the vast array of African cultures, languages and socio-cultural systems that exist within and outside of Africa.

Race and religion

This course will explore the way contemporary religions have understood race.