Nana Asma’u Community School

*Please Note: As Nana Asma’u has now closed all remaining public donations for the project and the remaining arts and crafts stationary and resources we purchased will be donated to another Black supplementary school in London.*

Black Muslim Forum runs a Black supplementary school in London. At the moment this is for Black KS2 students.

The lessons cover African studies and self development. We cover:

  • African History/ Afro-Muslim History
  • arts and crafts
  • short story and poetry writing
  • zine making
  • fun activities in a creative environment

Black students are structurally disadvantaged in mainstream schools and the only way to undo colonial legacies and nationwide mis-education is to provide platforms within our communities that restore the historical dignity to our Black children. InshaaAllah this school achieves this aim.

We are based at:

Seven Sisters Masjid (Ghana Muslim Welfare House)

1a Lawrence Yard, Tottenham, London,

N15 4EG