The Malcolm Code: anti-racist structural change (ISOCs)

Background/ Incentive

After conducting a 2020 study amongst 100 Black British Muslims on the reality of specifically anti-black racism in the British Muslim community, we found that 84% of participants did not feel welcome in their university’s ISOC due to the reality of anti-black racism and prejudice. Another statistic we found was that 63.41% of participants felt that overall they did not belong to the UK Muslim community. Whilst this mobilised some people to post on social media, this did not create the structural change necessary to combat such realities. In 2021 ISocs for the universities of Bristol and LSE attended our training and pledged to The Malcolm Code.

#themalcolmcode: The Malcolm code is named in honour of Malcolm X who died fighting for racial equality and with the belief that Sunni Islam would bring racial harmony and peace in the world. The Malcolm code is a set of policy points to be adopted globally by Islamic societies starting with UK Islamic Societies and eventually Mosques and Muslim faith bodies to become actively anti-racist and fight the evil of racism that our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) mentioned in his last sermon.

Policy points for Isoc’s:

  • Attend mandatory anti-racism training for the Isoc committee led by BMF before the start of term
  • Establish a welfare position within ISOC leadership which is sympathetic to Black issues
  • Appoint Black Muslim representatives within Isoc leadership
  • Have a zero-tolerance policy to anti-black racism with a series of sanctions should this occur
  • Celebrate Black History Month in October and also throughout the year

*If you are an ISoc that would like to pledge to the Malcolm Code email*